Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my mojo's back :)

yayyyy i have HEAPS of mojo so i'm planning on doing a heap of layouts b4 it runs away again :)
i've done a few 8"x8" LO's, 2 12"x12" and i'm doing a canvas today and when i'm finished that i'll do another LO or 2 :D

and GOODLUCK TARA!!!!! PLEAAAAASEEE come soon bubba!!!! we can't wait to see you:P

and my LO's the first one is 12 x 12 the rest 8x8 sorry bout the crappy photos!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

happy hols!

Maddys had her birthday party last night it was a sleepova pool party :D
sooo much fun!!!
funniest thing: they were all lining up this foam 5 foot surfboard and running and jumping so they slide along the water... Clare decided she wanted a go so she asked how you do it Christine said you just run and jump! (forgetting to tell her to puch off the ege off the pool so you go forward) so Clare ran and jumped! straight into the middle of the surfboard and snapped it in half!!! she came up yelling tah duh!!! and we were like umm Clare......
luckily the surfboard was 5 or 6 years old and was about to snap anyway Clare was just the unlucky person it happened to .... still it was pretty funny :P
heres some piccys ........

and a LO.....

and please be nice and leave some love... i LOVE getting comments :P

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Phantom of the Opera

ugh schoolllll
****ROLL EYES****
i'm sooo sick of homework!! don't have any time for ANYTHING else!!!!!!!

Maddy, Clare and me went up to Sydney on Friday afternoon with Maddys mum and brother..... we arrived on the OPPOSITE side of Sydney around i think it was 9, the house was sooooooooo nice!!!!! on Sat we got up at 7:15am and got ready to go into the city :D we cought a bus as they were working on the train rails we went shopping for a LITTLE while and i got a GORGEOUS music note necklace with a peice of opal on it, a metal ring with 3 diamonties (maddy and Clare got one each to), and a set of necklaces with coloured hearts hanging off it one saying Best one saying friends and one saying forever!!!!!! but because we didn't have much time we didn't look in very many shops :( the phantom was AMAZING!!!!! we had Anthony Warhol as the Phantom and Alexander Lewis as Rohl :P the props were so good especially the CHANDELEIR which they hoisted up above the audience, when it fell it swang about a metre away from the people in the front rows heads and it was HUGE!!!!!! it was GREAT someday you will all have to go and see it :D Sydney was STINKING HOT!!!! we walked around sooooo much and caught buses, trains and monerails in between...
the drive was really long with 5 people in the car..... both ways the car was really hot even on Sunday when it was POURING down rain!!!
took a few pics but i REALLY now wish that i had got a few snaps of the queen victoria building as it was GORGEOUS!!!!!!! i'll share a pic or 2 of it from google :P
OMG Tara blogged :P go onto hers and check out her new loungeroom :P
these pics are alllllll out of order lol.... the ones of the inside of the building are off google and the one of the Phantom and Christine I DIDN'T TAKE IT!!!! lol and the guy was i think it was Roahl i saw teh dude IRL:P hehehe

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