Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The big sister

My first layout in .... Months.
Bryelle on the way to the hospital to meet Zahli <3

My Holiday in bad quality photo's...

This Summer:
  • spent Christmas in Batlow
  • realised the awesomeness of ipod touches
  • fell in love with the Warblers voices / CD
  • began learning Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
  • swam in Little River
  • swam at the Beach
  • spent New Years eve with Darrie and Maddy
  • went back to Tumut
  • spent time with all the family
  • met my tiny, gorgeous new niece
  • went shopping
  • bought many dresses
  • rarely slept past 8.30am
  • got my bridesmaid dress and shoes
  • realised how much I didn't want to come back
  • began learning to drive a manual car
  • learnt more about intersections when driving
  • touched the bottom of the Gundagai pools deep end with little effort
  • remembered how much I love Glee season 2
  • got a celebrity crush on Darren Criss, love his voice
  • helped Bryelle walk by herself
  • played alphy with Nan, Tara, Mum, Tiff and Tani
  • laughed at crazy things
  • played with Tara's hair
  • had picnics at different places
  • watched the kids play at the park
  • went for drives
  • watched movies
  • slept on mattresses
  • woken by various nieces and nephews every morning
  • done my holiday homework
  • began writting my drama I.P
  • barely spoke to my friends other then a sporadic comment on facebook
  • took many pictures using instagram
  • tied my hair up almost every day

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