Thursday, July 23, 2009


Mum took some decent pictures of these so i decided i better share...
Done this one 2 Tuesdays ago at a crop i went to at Batlow.. it was rather interesting...
the row of pearls are ridiculously crooked but i couldn't take them off... the photo exagerates the crookedness...

this one i done before i left on holidays and just finished yesterday... Me when i was in pre-school :D apparently i didn't talk to anyone???

a canvas thats only up to this stage... this pic is side ways i forgot to turn it...

Tee He He!!! what we got up to yesterday!! it was the first time i have seen one of my friends all holidays!! we Made Maddy into a pregnant mermaid - pregnant coz her knees where sticking up where the mermaids stomach was.. funny as...

lol and i used Mums camera yesterday (mums as mine has been broken for months and i still haven't got one to replace it) to take pics of some of my twilight stuff :P didn't realise i had so much!! i forgot to put in the peace love twilight bag one of my friends made me and theres also a HUGE poster of Bella and Edward but i just glared in the photos so i took it out... and i also have 2 badges but i kinda lost one and the other is one the i kissed a vamp shirt but ya cant see it...

today i might try to finish that canvas but i probably wont as im re-reading New Moon and those books are terribly addictive!!!!!
Tomorrow Dad is taking Maddy, Darrie, Clare and Me camping at .... crap forgot the name of the place... apparently its really nice there but i forget what it looks like... doubt i'll have any pics to share though as my camera is broken and i'm not taking mums brick. have fun

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

im home...
have a few things to share but mum hasn't taken pics yet :P
just have to put a title on one LO and finish a canvas.....
hope your holidays have been great :D

Saturday, July 11, 2009

been verrrrrry Sick :-(

been sleeping LOTS sleept from as soon as i got home yesti till dinner time at 7.... and spent most of the day today on the couch from like 7:30 in the morning till like 2.... but starting to feel heaps better now...
Didn't really feel like scrapping but have wanted to use the cuttlebug for a few days so i done thise :D dunno who i'm going to give it to though lol

pictures from the dance the other night at school.... it was fun lol the theme was disguise but i took off my mask as soon as i walked through the door

and books i've read lately..
LOVED this one...

this one pretty good, last part of the book the best, rest was sorta just a drag..
and onto the 2nd book, in this book its the 5th and 6th in the series.. dont overly like them though and no they aren't just a rip off of twilight, they are just overly fake.
going up to Batlow and up there on Monday so all mum's 5 kids can all be together at the same time, which doesn't happen very often.. going to take Darrie if she is allowed...
better go

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


how do people put JOURNALLING on a layout!!!!!!!
have to write a sorta letter thing on a page and i can't even think of how to begin it!!!!!
this SUCKS!!!!! it 7:14 and i've beenn trying since 5:30!!!!
this is STUPID

Saturday, July 4, 2009

just a layout i done the other day....

Me mum and Tiff went for a walk thing this afternoon and as i wasn't awake untill 11 i have had no time to do any scrapping or anything.
hopefully tomorrow.
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