Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sickk....... :-(

i've been sick alll weekend and it is sucking.
Granma, Pop and Uncle Stu came down on Friday and they all went to do stuff today while i stayed home and read and done my drama essay..... (which i wasnt very successfull at i done 172 words out of at least 750!) (ruby if you like essays you can totally do mine :P ) oh and i got 37/60 for a maths test

i dont actually have anything to share thought i should just update......

Thursday, February 19, 2009

quick page

just a quick digi-

Monday, February 16, 2009

a double..

i do have another but i think i'll get mum to see if they'll publish it first.... so i'll probably put it up in a few days.....

and a different type of art-

- i did draw another angel thing butt.... it sucks lol and if your wondering why i didn't draw a face on the angel..... i nearly rubbed a hole in the page from rubbing out all the faces i did draw so i finallly ended puting none on her.

i drew all these pics through very good instructions out of this book

its soo good my friend let me borrow it :D

thanks for looking :)

Monday, February 9, 2009


and a quick one i just did of Rubes (hope you dont mind!!) and of me and Tani, i used the same kit as Tara did on all of hers.


i probably should start updating this more often coz i've noticed i haven't been getting much comments **hint hint nudge nudge**
I went to Maddys as i quite often do and we spent most the weekend in her 32*C pool... aww its sooo good!!!
When we went to the beach the waves were HUGE!!!! i dont think i've ever seen them so big!!! it was TEFFRIFYING!!!! they were crashing where i was and even if you dived under and layed on the sand the waves grabbed at your feet and yanked you up and over and over and over!!!
well heres some pics.. i still haven't actually done anything creative 4 forever!! i might try sometime exept the inconsiderate teachers dont leave much time for leasure, lol.....

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