Thursday, September 17, 2009

friend pictures <3

heaps of pics of friends :D
next couple of weekends are gunna be pretty full so prob wont share anything.
going to Clares this Sunday with a whole group of other people to finish our group english assignment
weekend after is Maddys Birthday/Darries leaving party whish is gunna be flippin AWSOME :-) but still sad
few days after that going to Gundagui (hopefully) to see my cousins from Qld that i see like once every 3 years :(
then in the holidays going to Zaynes Christining!!!
lol should be fun

before Tiffs concert the other night

After seeing Push the other day - it is a pretty good movie.. sorta strange and creepy and you prob be easier to understand the 2nd time.. Dakota Fanning is one of the 3 main people and she is SO good in it!!

and the day after the movies took a few pics.. god it was SO hot that day it was like 35degrees!!! love summer but not when you cant swim :-(
Mum took all these pics except for the ones from the concert. thanks mum :-)
well gotta go finish homework.. were doing picture books in english and in groups of 6 we have to make a picture book. my job is to draw the pictures :-P its about Butterflys... now i just have to work out how to draw cartoon butterflys emerging from cacoons ?????

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


have to be quick.. going to tiffs school concert tonight and need a shower :P

mini album: not the best ive ever made. i made it using a tiny square wooden childrens book which i peeled off the shiny pictures and painted it :P using the kaiser Pina Colada paper... LOVE these papers think they are my favorite.

and layouts i made... very simple but still. love the paper lol

and for people who live in the city i wanted to show you this: its the main street of Bermi... they are pretty much the only shops in town. on the other side of the palm trees is the park then the beach

and you cant see it but there is actually a mountain in there. obviously on fire. its getting pretty close to Tilba now.

and coz i doubt ill update tomorrow

and thanks for the comments btw :D
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