Sunday, September 12, 2010


Mighty Bored today and had already vaccumed and i discovered Mum had left her camera :)
so i talked Tiffany into letting me do her make-up and took a few pics (:

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


sooooooo awesome and soooooooo worth it.

we went to centre point tower which was awesome as, Mum woulda been scared as lol.

we went on a cruise boat and saw some nice stuff:-) so funny.. later? Clare looked over and saw a boat and was like OMG those people must be rich! and we were like Clare thats the boat we were on... ahh was funny.

we went to the aquarium which was AWESOME!!! so want to go again and spend more time there... couldnt get a good pic of the sharks and stuff but it was soo good :-)

we went on a monorail and on a ferry

we went to the zoo, and we got to touch and pat some animals like snakes and lizardy things and a ring tail possum and some other animal that looked like a large rat? a quakka or something i think they said it was... and the teacher and one of the guys got attacked by a small kangaroo...

we went on a night tour. which was completely silly. we hardly saw any animals and the ones we did see we could only see a vague outline of it sleeping. and the guide person insisted on telling each single animals whole life story and repeating its 'inrichment' or whatever it was and ughhh it was about 11 when we got to where we slept after waking up at 4am that morning. so we slept in the backyard to bush place at Taronga Zoo where there was a motion detector possum that kept going 'if you were a brushtail possum blah blah blah' on a voice over thing. i only had a REALLY thin foam roll out mattress thing to sleep on but was sooo tired i still slept good lol.

we went around the zoo on a behind the scenes thing after waking up at 6 in the morning -.- but it was worth it :-) got to feed Giraffes and see the animals before there was a crowd

we went and saw the seal show which was fairly awesome. there was a seal that done a trick where it came up and leaped out of the water and done a flip and went back in... so cool.

we walked across the Harbour Bridge. which pretty much killed everyone, we went up one of the pylons at the end and OMG STAIRS!!!! but it was a pretty good view.. not as good as the sydney tower though.

the trip up and back was pretty good.. spent alot of the time asleep much to Clareys disgust. but it was a good sleep.

it was probably my favorite EVER school excursion and was definatelly worth the money. i loved even the bits i didnt overly enjoy. and got some quite awesome pictures :-) these are only a few....

on the sky safari at Taronga Zoo...

from the top of the harbour bridge pylon...

sky safari again....

Bon and Darrie at the aquarium...

and collages from allllll the different places we went :-)

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