Monday, August 24, 2009

small update

probably wont update this very much anymore its not like anyone ever looks at it.

my cousins bought down my new baby cousin for a visit last weekend. it was Great i baby sat... she was absoloutly TINY!!!! smaller then Zayne was when he was born..
i cant wait to see them again.
Mum will probably have more pics on her blog if she ever updates.
an album i made for her with a very LITTLE help from mum, its a transperancy one..:

Came home from school and saw this paper and decided i wanted to scrap with it. the colours are really crap in the photo they are lighter i think.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


havent had any thing to update with for ages... haven't felt like doing anything...
Went with Dad fishing today... well he fished and i wandered around, took photos and read. while we were walking over to where he was planning on fishing he was heaps ahead of me and i looked around a rock and there was a brown furry seal there and i thought it was dead and it creept me out!! i walked away and then later i looked at it again and it moved (i had only seen his tail) so i ran away and then when we were walking back, dad scared it and it sat up and looked at us!! it was so cute!!

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