Monday, August 24, 2009

small update

probably wont update this very much anymore its not like anyone ever looks at it.

my cousins bought down my new baby cousin for a visit last weekend. it was Great i baby sat... she was absoloutly TINY!!!! smaller then Zayne was when he was born..
i cant wait to see them again.
Mum will probably have more pics on her blog if she ever updates.
an album i made for her with a very LITTLE help from mum, its a transperancy one..:

Came home from school and saw this paper and decided i wanted to scrap with it. the colours are really crap in the photo they are lighter i think.

4 comments from Awsome peoplee:

vicmbee said...

love the album you made.. ellora is cute she looks just like her dad on the facebook pics...

CreativeMe68 said...

OMG NOOOOO...You can't not post anymore!!! I will miss you too much!
Sorry I haven't been chatting to you and your Mum lots lately...I miss our convo's and I love your scrapping style....NNNNOOOO!!! Sheri please don't go....please I beg you! Love the albums and the LO!!! Luv Shaz xoxo

Tara said...

lol you are such a tool Sheridan Louise.... Maybe if you updated your blog a little more often more people would look at it lol??

Lovely little album you made there with a LITTLE help from mum...

Love you, miss you!

Teegs said...

sheri sheri sheri! loose the attitude lol

keep blogging and keep smiling:) love and miss you tonnes xx

oh and suppose i should comment on your post! sweet little album bout a sweet lil girl, she is sooo cute.

Oh and bout time for your next post!!
NO POST means we CANT comment! 8)

Oh and love the seal pics how cool! and i love the LO of you when you were little you were soo cute:)

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