Saturday, March 28, 2009

4 days!! and some LO's

only 4 days till my Birthday!!!!
today i finished 3 layouts!!!
^^using the Kaiser love struck papers (i love them!)

^this one was ment to be for Shaz's ad challenge.

^one of my sister but i'm going to make it 8x8
Darrie sent me these photos! they are also from the sea side fair.

i got my school photo on Friday.. everyone else got theirs on Thursday but teacher lost mine *roll eyes* i'm pretty happy with it this year MUCH better then the last 2 years!!
and have you guys checked this out??!!?? its Rubys youtube vid. its of a AWSOME art journal page..... i had a go at making it but will show another time.. check out her other ones as well!! sooooo good :D and her blog - shes amazing :D
have fun...

Monday, March 16, 2009

sea side fair :D

spent all of Sat in town at the sea side fair and at Darries place :D
there was AWSOME rides LOADS of stalls and HEAPS of people!
i went into town at about 7:30 to see Darrie sing at the blessing of the fleet.. she is SO good! better then most professional singers I think!

and the street parade was at 10:30 it went for SO long!!! i actually missed the last bit lol...

(promoting skinny dipping lol!!!!)
then it was rides and stalls :D
i bought a ring and a pair of bright green rose earings :P annnndddd i got a gorgeous top :)
there was this one ride (although it was expensive ($7)) and you sit in these two carriges and they start rocking!!! after a few goes the cariges go RIGHT around!! after a few times of that when your upside down it STOPS you up there!!! so your upside down for AGES with only a plastic bar thing holding you up!!! while upside down your not even TOUCHING the seat!! only this bar on you shoulders!! it was one of the BEST rides i've ever been on!!

we went from the fair to Darries and back again. when we went back to Darries we were watching a movie and it started POURING down rain! and it was thundering and lightening!! but after a while it calmed down and we ended going back on the rides and to the beach :P
at 7:15 there were ment to be fire dancers and fireworks at about 8 but the rain had picked up and kept a steady beat for ages.. when it finally stopped we went and sat on the trampoline and talked for ages... but then we heard a REALLY loud BANG and we stood up and the fireworks were going!!!! it was so awsome watching them from the tramp (Darries place is just off the main street) i think mum got some good pics of them.. once the fireworks stopped we went back to talking and a HUGE BAT flew right over us!!!! it was SO FREAKY!!! i screamed and grabbed at anything grabable, Maddy dive and ducked and covered lol and the other two just sat there!!
When we went to 'bed' (a whole nest of cushins and blankets) and watched 'the others' but i fell asleep lol apparently every one was screaming and i was deeply under.. but i woke up when CLARE started BLOWING IN MY EAR!!!!!!
yesterday morning we watch Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses :P and then walked to town where i went to Mum at the shop and then home quickly before going to Canberra to the hospital.. but mum will probably tell you more about that...... we didn't get home till 11:30!! and thats why i'm posting at this time instead of going to school :P

so thats my recount of the weekend LOL!!!!
i'm planning on using one of these pics for my LO for Shaz :-)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


well i've finally done some stuff!!!

i've done a LO (just have to add fake stitching) andddd i've done a card and a mini album that mum helped me with for my friend, i also finished a mini SIMPLE canvas i started some time early last year... but will share another time

sorry about the REALLY crappy photos - they were taken at about 11:30 when i was so tired it was ridiculous... and i think i've missed a page? on some photos theres a transparency page over the top of the normal page....

and THANK YOU to Shaz who gave me this awsome blogger award!!

all i have to do is nominate 4 other blogs that inspire me... but i want to add a bit too that- i want you to put up your favorite picture of a FLOWER thats already on your computer (or go out and take one)

so i chooooooseeeeeee



hope to see some flower pics soon :D
and Shaz has put up a challenge on her blog! its to use a advertisement as a sketch for a LO... this is the ad i used and the sketch a drew up from it (yes its for wax strips lol) go have a go! she's put up more details on her blog
(ignore my .... butiful? stick figures :P)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


heres a LO from ages ago which i never shared.. i never got a email back from the mag i sent it too so i'm just gunna put it up anyway.... its what i got my banner off

Friday, March 6, 2009


well i dont really have anything to share and i haven't for AGES!
so last night when i was beading i thought the beads looked pretty cool so took some of them :D
ignore the peices of hair you can see going through them lol.

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