Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Well LATE Australia day lol

i had a great Aus Day.. i went with my friends family to a nice Beach and had a bbq, went swimming and Steve fished... and i got a few good shots..... i love this top one with the feet :)

and one of me and Maddy b4 swimming

i've been getting ready for school lately - getting 'suplies' and covering my books i only have my pencil case and some new shoes and i should be done but i wont be getting them till hopefully saturday so i'll have to make do with my old stuff for the first 2 days :( lol
i haven't actually done anything creative like ALL holidays!!! i have been rather busy with family and friends and holidays, hopefully mum and Tara will put up pictures of when they
came down....
better go over some more books **roll eyes**

Friday, January 16, 2009


well i got back yesterday from my holiday....
i went up to Gundagui and Tumut to see my family while Tiff, Mum and Dad stayed down here..
it was great i got to see everyone again including some of my cousins i haven't seen for... AGES
i didn't take many pics and most the pics i did take are shocking!

i went to see Twilight again with my cousin Erika and her bf... it didn't start till 9:15pm so we went out to dinner in Wagga before going to see it...on the way back the moon was HUGE and soo gorgeous! in the movie they show the moon a few times and one time when they show it it is full with clouds sweeping across it and on the way home it was almost exactly the same!! i couldn't get a good pic out of the car window so i had to wait till i got home but by then the clouds had all moved....

and just 4 more that are decent outa the ones i took

well i bought some scrapping stuff from Karens shop and i got some other things just before i left so i think i might go scrap something i'm thinking about a canvas lol......

Friday, January 2, 2009

finally i have something to share!





i haven't had time to update or scrap either actually!!

we had Nan and Pop down since christmas eve and Uncle Steven and Sharon came down christmas day........ we woke up at 9am, opened prezzies (hair straightener, Scrapbooking stuff, clothes etc.) after our delicious lunch we went for a swim at the beach.... the water was soooo warm (but we haven't been able to go back in since coz its been to cold!)

since then Uncle Denis and his family have come and gone but Nan and Pop are still here :D

i spent new years Eve at my friends place her family had a christmas party... al the kids stayed inside and made pizza and the adults stayed outside...... we counted down to the new years (a few seconds early :P) and let off poppers and sparklers!!!!!!! i then stayed up till 1:45pm as that was when the last of the guests left!!

since i last updated i got scorched...... lol instead of going in the water (which had a layer of sea weed and was extremly cold) i stayed sitting on the beach and i got SO burnt i was bright red then the next day i was browning off and i went and played CRICKET!!!! STUPID ME!!!!! i got burnt all over again and last night was the comfiest sleep i've had since the 27th!


heres a layout i done b4 christmas:
annnndddddd a owl Canvas that was inspired by Tara's Owl calender in the masters mag...
two 8 x 8 pages for my grandma's album..... they don't have photos yet....
a Layout of my gorgus Neice :D
annnnd a LO of RUBY!!! love this photo ;-)
i used a page out of last years dolly diary and a bit of pink co-ordinates paper! i've been wanting to use some for ages but only just have!
apart from the LO of Zayne and the owl canvas the layouts have all been done in the last 2 days!!
thats it from me.....
xx Sheri
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