Saturday, August 14, 2010

Madddyysssss .Xx.

Madddys Place!!!! :-D
Clarey, Darrie and me went over to Mads last night to take some awesome photos :-D was planning to do our makeup really big and stuff but we were loosing the sun quickly so couldnt do it... but we got some awesome as pics... if only Maddys camera battery didnt run out so quickly!! the pixelly ones are taken by my or Maddys little camera.... the awesomest ones are Maddys big Cannon one...
it sucked pretty bad.. we had some awesome ones and then something happened and they werent on the camera!!!!!!!!!! but we dont know why!!!!!!


and my absoloute favorite pic EVER !!!!!!!

totally want to scrap some of them now but nooooo printer wont work!!! think ill have to get mum to do a snapfish order for me....
thanks for looking....
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