Sunday, March 28, 2010

bout time i updated....

have been waaay busy and hadn't done anything to update with so its taken me this long.
layout for Skyes Sketch challenge on Bons

Photos from the Photo challenge:

(yes i know im a dag wearing those socks with those shoes :-P)
pictures i took of my VERY annoying sister.
cant wait for Friday as its
1. first day of holidays
2. ive got the day off work
3. its my birthday
4. got LOTS of family down - Nan and Pop, Tara Mark and the 3 kids, and Teegs and Craig and Peanut!!!!
cant wait!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


hope you have a great day

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


went to Canberra last weekend for the the royal Canberra show MY GOD it was AWESOME!!
i caught a bus up Friday arvo, the bus driver said i could keep all my stuff with me coz there wasnt many people coming on. the bus was basically empty and then we got to the
Bay and HEAPS of people got on, so i had to sit next to some waaaaayyyyyy smelly guy, who was sitting WAY close and everytime i moved over to try and get away from him he would just get CLOSER!!!!! so i ended up squished into the window with my big bag, pillow, big handbag and book sitting next to some smelly guy reading a ZOO magazine! EEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!
but the rest of the trip was GREAT appart from sitting next to another random on the ride with
the picture down the bottom because Darrie REFUSED to go on it!! wasnt even that bad!!
but yer, it was great bought some $10 sunnies, one of those pretty painted unbrellas and a supre showbag.

these pics are all taken in the Ferris wheel:

dang pitty its got a smudge!

the ride Darrie refused to go on ..
the people upthe top are upside down by the way, the seats spin while the whole thing spins, and the only thing holding you in is the bars that go over your shoulders and down. was AWESOME!!!!!!

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