Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a few months worth

havent bothered to update in soooo long thought i better put some of my stuff up, not that ive done much, to busy working :-( Merry Christmas for the other day too :-P i got lots of good stuff: a roxy overnight bag, a gorgeous Locket necklace, stamps (below), clothes, a WII!!!!!!!! with wii play, wii sport, wii fit, wii active and then 3 Mario games. on christmas day me and Tiff went to play a Mario game, opened the case and there was no disc and same with the other 2 Mario ones :-( so mum rang up and the guy is sending them and a packet of M&Ms for me and Tiff to say sorry :-P
oh, and Tiff is in QLD for the next 4 weeks with her bestie.
some stuff ive done since last put up anything and some other stuff i dont remember weather or not i put up


one of my Chrissie presents!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and a huge canvas im making to hang in the hallway

please excuse the ridiculously dodgey pics, mum to the good camera with her to work lol.
since the beginning of the holidays ive made $330 so im gunna buy a hopefully waterproof little good camera :-P
cya thanx for looking

Sunday, December 13, 2009

drama performance

had my drama performance on Thursday night. it went pretty good apart from where i got off at the wrong side of the stage for the next scene so i had to walk on pretennding to be a teacher in school uniform instead of teacher jumper, with a invisable mug and then the chair was just a pile of blocks lol. Shayne was so HILARIOUSLY funny, she played the drunk deputy, when the parents were complaining about their kids going missing she was like JUST GO OUT IN THE PKLAYGROUND AND GET A NEW ONE!!!! we were cacking ourselves back stage!!!!
anyway the play was about a councellor who kid napped the misfits of the school and took them to a factory to make watches.

crazy watch girl
the skank
girl that forgets EVERYTHING
a girl whose parents bash her up
a girl who talks to her dead mum through a 2 way radio
the twins - me -the bitch
- nerd who in the end confesses she cant even read
most people played more then one character so they were the students and then there was the parents and teachers and stuff.

- escaping (smashing Mels head into a door)

-taking the bow


- the twins (me and Paige)

teasing Mel


-all of us

cool pic of Clare who played the skank

- creepy councillor
- crazy watch girl showing the councillor her watch - Bonny was heaps funn too :-D
i have some scrapping stuff but no pictures oof them. heaps tired from working. its SO ridiculously busy in there now and the busiest part of the hols havent even started yet!! the new building is pretty squishy and i no where nothing is which makes it really hard :-( hope i dont have to work TOO much during the holidays but it will prob be the main thing that im doing. so i wont be able to go and see the fam :-(.
im going to go watch the pacifier and read
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