Sunday, November 30, 2008


i would have updated ages ago but the computer is being really frustrating!! it will turn on for about a minute and turn off again!!!! so before it turns off again:
yesterday i was playing with some pavement chalk! so much fun lol GO BUY SOME!!!!! and i decided to take some piccys... so i put some makeup on and took these: (please ignore the messy background and the bost coming out my head **roll eyes**
My 'art work'

some pics of me:

after i finished taking photo's and mucking around i went to a friends birthday party... it was so good we went out for dinner and had italian!! i had some sort of carbonara? lol clare took some photos of us there but with her camera :( so
i'll have to get her to send them to me.....
i didn't take any good pictures at Clare's party pretty much but made up for it on the way homewe stopped in Tilba and went to some nursery which had a garden? it was huge and so beautiful and we got some REALLY nice pics!! i loved the Lillys, i wont be able to put up all my fav pics as theres so many and i don't want to bore you :)

and lastly a very......... different LO i don't think i like it that much..

Saturday, November 22, 2008


haven't updated for a while..
don't really have much to share
i FINALLY finished my yearlies!!!!!!

i just got back from having lunch at the headland..... then we went and climbed all the rocks near the water... mum took a few photos but she'll probably put them up on her blog
we also spotted a few whales but every time mum got out the camera they dived back under again!!!
so we tried a few other places but stilll couldn't catch the wails... when we were at the blue pool and we were about to leave all of a sudden it started HAILLING on us!!!!!!!!! it wasn't even raining!!!!!! it was pretty fun though!!!

well i'm planning on doing some scrapping this weekend as i haven't done much in the last week or 2 due to school work.. my friend is having her party next weekend so i'll have to make her something

anyway heres some stuff :)

and have you guys seen the new Kaiser 'what a hoot' paper??? i LOVE it!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008



mum got a blog!!!!! check it out!!!!

it doesn't have much on it atm... but it will have!!! lol

i went to study at my friends place last night...... we done a little bit.....

didn't end up going to sleep properly till after 4am!!! (we were on the couch for a while but i was only half on the couch and there was no more room so i woke maddy up and told her that that arrangement was totally not working....

and went to the spring fair thismorning.. was pretty fun :D went on heaps of rides and hang out with friends

me and Maddy then went to see Wild Child which is a pretty good movie but not quite as good angus, thongs and perfect snogging!

so now i think i'll be doing a bit more studying :( then i might try to scrap something


Thursday, November 13, 2008


well nm has been happening at ALL

had my first yearly yesterday.... i was worrying about it soo much but in the end it was alright ..... but it wasn't till later that i found out that the maths one was actually my sencond exam and my first was music.... i thought the test we did in music was just a practise one!!!! i ended up geting 27/40 for a theory music test..... since musics my best subject i'm not too happy........!!!!!!!!

umm lots of studying is SUPPOSED to be geting done (it isn't though) and projects...... annnnnd home work....... no time for me......

have the spring fair on Sat but will only be there for about 2 hours as me and maddy are going to see wild child....... night before we will be studying for science though..........

and i have a lump on my arm??? lol theres no bite marks or anything but its all swollen??? lol

the LO's i have done i'll get mum to submit for me and i'll upload after they've all been rejected.....

hmmm....... instead of studying i think i might just make mum a blog HAHA!!!!!!

oh and go buy the new DOLLY mag... the one for December.... Twilights all through it HAHAHAHA!!!!

(see the orange strip up the top?? it says UNDEAD & UNBELEIVEABLY HOT: the twilight boys come out to play)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Heaven 9-11 remix

OMG have you guys heard this
my friend sent it to my phone today.... and it is soooooo sad i was nearly in tears listening to it!!! the song heaven by umm sumone lol its that song but it has a little girl talking about her Daddy..... i think he must of died when the twin towers got knocked down...... was that on the 9/11 over there? because that might explain the name.......... soooooo sad!!!!!it is on my playlist thing over on the side so turn up your volume ;)
heres the lyrics(the wrighting in ittalics is the actual person singing the song):
It's been a year daddy, I really really miss you. Mommy says you're safe now, in a beautiful place called heaven.
Oh, I'm thinking about our younger years
We had your favorite dinner tonight
It was only you and me
I ate it all up...
We were young and wild and free...
Even though I don't like carrots
Now nothing can take you away from me
I learned how to swim this summer
We've been down that road before
I can even open my eyes
That's over now
when I'm under water
Keep me comin back for more
Can't you see me?
Baby you're all that I want, when you're lying here in my arms, I'm finding it hard to believe ... we're in Heaven
I started Kindergarten this year
Love is all that I need, and I found it there in your heart, it isn't too hard to see we're in heaven
I carry around a picture of us in my Blue's Clues Lunch Box
Oh, once in your life you find someone
You are the greatest Daddy
Who will turn your world around, pick you up when your feeling down. Now nothing can change what you mean to me
I can swing on the swing by myself ...
There's a lot that I can say, just hold me now
Even though I miss you pushing me
Cuz our love will light the way
Can't you see me?
Baby your all that I want, when you're lying here in my arms, I'm finding it hard to believe, we're in Heaven
I miss how you used to tickle me
Love is all that I need
Tickle my belly
And I've found it there in your heart
My belly hurts
It isn't too hard to see we're in Heaven
I try not to cry
I've been waiting for so long,
Mommy says it's okay
For something to arrive, for love to come along
I know you don't like it when I cry
Now our dreams are coming true, through the good times and the bad
Never wanted me to be sad
I'll be standing there by you
I try daddy but it hurts
Baby you're all that I want
Is it true you're not coming home?
When you're lying here in my arms
Maybe some day
I'm finding it hard to believe, we're in Heaven
I can visit you in Heaven okay?
Love is all that I need, and I found it there in your heart. It isn't too hard to see, we're in Heaven
It's time for me to go to bed now
oooo, ohh ohh
I sleep with the light on. Just in case you come home, and kiss me good-night.
ooo oh oh
I love you so much.
We're in heaven.
I miss you Daddy

makes you feel like crying doesn't it!!! soooo sad!!!!!!!

on a happier note (he he he) theres a new scene of twilight on you-tube lol!!!!
please leave a comment telling me what you think about the song!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging!!

BEST MOVIE well it will be untill twilight comes out!!
hilariously funny!! i guess it is a teenagers movie but still
HILARIOUS!!!!! and the guys in it are HOT!!!
Aaron Johnson (Robbie)

Edward Cullen!!!!!! (robert Pattinson)

i mean..... DANG! lol

so i went to Mad's house again last night and my annoying camera said full battery so i didn't bother taking new ones!!! last night we took a few silly photo's went to take a proper one and it wouldn't turn on properly !!!!!!!!!
and the ones we did get are really crappy quality coz it was like 12 at night and we were taking them by a lamp lol

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