Sunday, June 28, 2009

thought i'd quickly show my layout and canvas before i waste my day writting about the beatles.
school is really bugging me.

i think this is one of my fav layouts so far.... the little string of pearls was really frustrating trying to put it on though...

Friday, June 26, 2009


nothing to share.
finished my canvas, but will share that another time.
thanks everyone who commented on my last post :)
have a few assignments to do this weekend so probably wont share anything.. just waiting for mum to get home with the blue paint. so i can make a canvas inspired by these and Rubys tutorial... (the 2nd one on the side)

these guys are really cute, and some have really nice messages like Even Heaven is hell with out you. they are sooo cute!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


sorry i haven't updated in forever....
i've been busy with homework and stuff....
well actually i haven't been, since i usually dont study or do my homework, but i have been busy.
Tara, Mark and the kids came down on the weekend!! it was so much fun and those kids are so gorgeous. i love them to bits. had heaps of fun painting, drawing and playing HIDE AND SEEK!!!!
we went to the beach a few times and it was so Funny!! Zayne squeezed a starfish but mark saved it.. Jed got his pants and only shoes wet but that was on purpose.. and Tani loved collecting shells :D
and BTW all these photos are mums.. i didn't take any!!

and i done my maths half yearly yesti. It was hell in a hour.

i haven't been doing any scrapping... i was going to show you 2 LO's i done a while ago but i was waiting for a email back from SM... but now i can show you coz they are being 'considered for publication' or something like that in the young scrappers part :D
i wanna get my large canvas done this weekend but i'll be practising LOTS for my big AMEB test on Thursday which there is NO WAY i will be ready for!!!
anyway mums made SAGO and i wanna get my share :P
thanks to the people that commented on my last post :)
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