Friday, June 12, 2009


sorry i haven't updated in forever....
i've been busy with homework and stuff....
well actually i haven't been, since i usually dont study or do my homework, but i have been busy.
Tara, Mark and the kids came down on the weekend!! it was so much fun and those kids are so gorgeous. i love them to bits. had heaps of fun painting, drawing and playing HIDE AND SEEK!!!!
we went to the beach a few times and it was so Funny!! Zayne squeezed a starfish but mark saved it.. Jed got his pants and only shoes wet but that was on purpose.. and Tani loved collecting shells :D
and BTW all these photos are mums.. i didn't take any!!

and i done my maths half yearly yesti. It was hell in a hour.

i haven't been doing any scrapping... i was going to show you 2 LO's i done a while ago but i was waiting for a email back from SM... but now i can show you coz they are being 'considered for publication' or something like that in the young scrappers part :D
i wanna get my large canvas done this weekend but i'll be practising LOTS for my big AMEB test on Thursday which there is NO WAY i will be ready for!!!
anyway mums made SAGO and i wanna get my share :P
thanks to the people that commented on my last post :)

1 comments from Awsome peoplee:

SkyeMJ said...

your mum is one talented photog!

Congrats on the acceptances for publishing! You are one talented lil lady! :)

Happy weekend!

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