Monday, May 31, 2010

Electricity is a wonderful invention.

ugh, we FINALLY HAVE POWER!!!!!!!!
the power came back at 5.30 this afternoon after it went out 5.00am yesterday....
yesterday i read a whole book (It was SOOOOO good!!!!!!!) and today i studied for my last half yearly exam and we went in town for a little while.
you should have seen the weather. it was absoloutly HECTIC!!!!!!!
there was heaps of rain and the wind was just crazy. there was SO MANY trees down and power lines down that we couldnt even go to school today. that was the 2nd time that we couldnt go to school because of that sorta thing this year. which is weird considering its never happened before.
anyway, done these for the cybercrop at Bons the other week...
the scraplift:

the sketch:

annnnnnnddddd the book i spent my whole day reading yesterday.
nearly went blind trying to read by candlelight last night but it was TOTALLY worth it!!
im into all those sorta fantasy i guess you would call them. Vampire, Fallen angels and Nephilim, werewolves.. there all heaps good. but i guess there mostly teenage books....
ANYWAY this one was heaps good. one of my new favorites with Shiver.

Cant wait for this weekend...
going up to Tumut for Teegys baby shower and taking Maddy up too :-)
gunna be awesome. cant wait to see everyone!!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

cutest thing...

this is part of one of the presents Tiff got tonight from her friends...
HOW CUTE IS IT!!! its 10cm in diameter and 5cm high....

another one of her friends (the one that took her on holiday in queensland for 4 weeks) bought her 2 PANDORA charms. and yes they are REALY pandora charms.

oh and i just realised the link up the top didn't work... dunno why this is it
thanks for looking :-)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

best sight EVER

bought only 2 books so far but there are SOOOOOO many that i want!!!
its free postage and the prices are SOOOOO good.
it took between 1-2 weeks to come and thats from the UK...
i bought:

i reaaalllyyy want
ink exchange
ugh theres soooo many i cant remember... all the sequils to those books!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


The Time Travelers Wife

omg. you have to watch this.
its so so SO sad!!
Maddy just let me borrow it... and im glad we didn't watch it last night at the sleepover like we were going to.
i BALLED my eyes out!
glad no one was home with me!!
now im just waiting for a text from Maddy coz they are meant to be coming out to pick me up at some point to go watch Robin Hood. which other then its about men in tights (TIGHT TIGHTS)i have no idea what its about. oh and that they steal from the rich and give to the poor lol.
anyway better go. its so cold im considering wearing my trakkie dacks to the movies in Narooma. lol.
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