Saturday, May 30, 2009

thanx Shaz!!

Shaz gave me a blogger award!!! THANKS!!!

im not sure how many people im ment to give it to buuttttt ill give it too:
Vicki and
Shaz's photo blog

i invited my 3 besties over last night.. id wanted to have them all over for a while... maddy didnt catch the bus over so she didnt get here till it was dark and Clare left about mins after we got woken up by her mum.. so clare isnt in any of the pics :( but we watched the Amytable (sp?) of horror and it was SCARY!!!!!! i spent most the movie with my eyes closed.. then we watched peter Pan (lol lol lol) and then the fog.. maddy went to sleep within the first 10 minutes and wouldnt wake up at the end so we could talk so we went to sleep at like 12!! kinda glad though coz if we were still awake at 3:15 i woulda screamed. i officially HATE that time!!
but we spent basically ALL day today taking awsome photos we took a few hundred.. but heres SOME that i like..... Mum is gunna post some more pics... we then watched Cheaper by the dozen 2 so we could perve on Taylor Lautner (even though he was like 12 when they filmed it) but Darrie left before he came on and Maddy left a little while later... but we had a great time and went through 2 bags of thai sweet chilli chips!!!!! anyway heres a few pics.... have a look at mums blog too as she will have some more nice ones......

thanks for looking and please leave a comment!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

arty journally

sorry i didn't update for so long.. i have'nt had time.....

my AMEB music test i new it was coming up but we didn't think it would quite so close we were thinking 6 weeks but its on the 18th!!! and i haven't even learnt one of the music peices yet :O!!! and i have to learn a heap of scales off by heart and some silly theory *roll eyes* but i guess its worth it look what i got to play on last year!!
a baby grand!!! i think my test will be on the same piano this year.. i hope so!! last year i got A and the lady wrote on my thing i would have gotten better if i'd done better in my sight reading haha
i have managed to get these.. i dont overly like them but i'll get better :P

thanks for checking it out... hopefully i'll do a page today.. i just finished my assignment about BLOGGER!!!!
please leave a comment.. thatd be awsome

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mothers day and stuff

i WILL scrap today!!!
not sure what though....
i'll find something :D
i've been attempting to 'art journal' without tutorials over the last week and well.... not very good at it lol

hopefully i'll be back later on to share some pages.. might have to clean
my room and desk up first.. hate working in a crowded space lol.
and Mums card and Tiffs bday card which i accidently left on the table and she got home and went oh.. whos is this? lol

and a old, OLD photo of me and Dad...

and a photo of mum in 2007 most recent pic we have of her lol
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