Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dalmeny Park

The best pics from today....
slept over Clares and watched The Wild Thornberries movie (for the musical), John Tucker must die (SO FUNNY!!), The Notebook (really good) and the day after tomorrow - which i fell asleep in so i dont know what happened in the middle but we turned it back on in the morning so i watched the end lol.

at school they have given us our 'senior prospectus' with all the information about subject choices and stuff and i have noooooo clue what to do. well i know WHAT i want to do just dont understand about which courses are which, what UNITS and the ATAR is, weather or not i should do a TAFE course as well. ugghhhhh............ i deffinatelly want to do the photography, exploring early childhood, general english and im thinking now textiles and visual arts but i need another subject and i dont know if theres anough units and blah blah blah. how annoying.

ANYWAY the pics.

2 comments from Awsome peoplee:

Tara said...

great pics chicky!!!

the day after tomorrow is out?? already? I didnt know. Cant be too good if you fell asleep though!


Sheri said...

nooooo the day after tomorrow is about the world ending. your thinking of tomorrow when the war began lol.

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